Chuckie…or the bride of Chuckie?? that is the question

2011-01-29 04:22:56

I'm definitely picking up my blogging again and i'm also surfing the web a bit more than i've been able to in the last 3-4 months.

Well – in my cruising i dug up some links to old blogs i used to frequent..and lo and behold..Charles 'Chuck' Sterling, self-professed fisherman, absolutely hillarious presenter is turning to modelling!!

i'm hot...i'm gorgeous..Fabio, look out!!!
– Charles 'Chuck' Sterling,
  Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

I mean, who can resist that piece of love machine?

Beside being endowed with these curls, the maskuline attraction and simply steaming male love muscle, Chuck is also one of the most hillarious presenters i've ever sat with..this guy cracks some serious jokes on stage and you can be damn sure it'll be a show if he's up there (ok, so far there has been no acknowledgement from Microsoft regarding Chuckie taking up the next Chippendale tour..but stay put for more news).