– Mail Beta

I use gmail for my primary email and have for quite some time..but some time back I tried to sign up with Mail Beta…still unsuccessful and have no clue why that is.

i've now tried to sign up again yesterday evening and lets hope that i'll work this time..i'm suspecting that there's a manual process involved here since it seems that nothing is happening.

funny enough, i recieved an email the other day which informed me that i could now invite people to the Mail Beta, yet insofar as i know, i have yet to be accepted…

Does it actually exist? anybody using it?  – the website is there…

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  1. I just tried it. It works fine. I think I may have previously signed up for it, though. I don”t use it by default (I forget I actually have access to it). I may start, though, because I like the interface better than Hotmail.

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