Rebuilt my PC – why is it always a headache?

2011-01-29 04:25:42

Well – last night i started installing Windows 2003 Server onto a server from my wife's should have been a breeze, have done it a ton of times, but for some reason the CD/DVD drive kept crapping out on me in the middle of the install. It took 4 attempts before the CD/DVD drive worked all the way through.

So – sitting and watching an OS install made me think that i should do my own PC at the same time. I've had a few issues, due to my PSU not being able to handle the hardware i've installed and figured i might as well get onto it. So i removed a HD, USB 2.0 card (extra one i had) and started to re-install the OS.

When you've been using a PC for a while you forget all the small applications you keep using on a day-to-day basis..some you may not even have the installer for any longer.

I started by just installing the OS, then daemon-tools (great ISO reader, and it's free too), then MS Office 2003..ok, where's my reg. key??? damn. Well, off to MSDN to get my key back. Now, Acronis TrueImage Workstation has to be put back so i can at least start to do my Images of the PC regularly.

on and on it 2:30am i was finished….

at least i now have a clean and fast machine again…