Forgetting car keys in the car – and leaving it running!!

2011-01-29 04:26:09

Now, normally, the graphics artist in my team, has his head screwed on straight – well that being said, Monday saw a dramatic change in his bio rythms.

He went to work, started at 8:30am and left at 5:00pm..just a normal day – except this particular Monday he couldn”t find his keys. Great!!! now what!! did he leave them in the car, locking himself out?

yes and no, he did leave them in his car but he didn”t lock himself out. Actually he was having such a great day that he decided to leave his car idling in the car park ALL DAY LONG!!

He is a graphics artist/web designer/pixel pusher and he has just confirmed to me that my opion of designers are that they are scatterbrained at the best of times.

How can you park your car, leave you keys in the ignition, NOT turn off the engine and then go to work for 8hrs…Needless to say, Andrew is now lucky to still own his car and i”m sure that he”s going to stop taking those “alternative medication pills” he”s obviously on.