Developing for the web – HTML5 vs RIA plugin


I’m interested to see what the thoughts are for people on web development, where it’s heading and the valid replacement of Flash, Silverlight, Pivot and JavaFX by HTML5.

To start the discussion from one end (and to advocate at least one perspective, playing devils advocate here), then i don’t think HTML5 will replace the RIA plug-ins.

I know that one of the aims of HTML5 is to eliminate the need for those plug-ins in the browser today.

Do you believe it’ll fully eliminate the need for those plugins? Personally my opinion is that it wont. The capabilities offered via those plugins far exceeds the capabilities offered by HTML5 to date (remember, HTML5 is still beta/draft etc).

Now it is obvious that HTML has had an upgrade pending since the last release and this is definitely a step in the right direction.

What’s your take on it?