LIDNUG is now using Eventbrite to schedule events – why?

The Linked .Net Users Group has grown quite big, with a very diverse member base, spread out over the whole world.

Since we began running monthly events we have been using LinkedIn’s own, inbuilt Event system with quite a bit of mixed results.

Now, we’re changing the event listings to Eventbrite – why?

Well, the Events application on LinkedIn has become stagnant – no movement or answers to any requests for feature updates has come from LinkedIn and there’s been quite a few detrimental ones.

First and foremost, we’ve had some issues with Events dissapearing – luckily that got resolved and since late last year that hadn’t happened again. But some fundamental features were needed, considering that we have members from all over the world.

#1 Support for time zones (yes, oddly enough, LinkedIn Events does not support time zones at all)
#2 Add event to calendar feature (yes, another feature we’ve requested)
#3 Ability to get a full listing (easily) of all attendees (this is handy for when we have prizes and such, naturally, the information would never, ever be forwarded to anybody)

A few other things made it easy for us to change – such as, you have to be logged in/a member of LinkedIn (ok, small issue seeing as almost all developers/professionals are on LinkedIn, right!) to be able to register for the events. With Eventbrite that’s not needed.

Secondly, Eventbrite has a Developer API so now we can start to create custom features which will make it easier for members to get to our event details – and there’s been a LOT of feature requests from members plus some great ideas from our GMs.

It’s also now going to be easier than before to find our events – simply go here: and you can see the current listings for our events.

So, are we leaving LinkedIn? of course not – LIDNUG has thrived on LinkedInn – it’s our official home. If you aren’t already a member, join up and become involved with our very, very active discussions and job listings.

Lastly, our unofficial site has already (finally?) been released – we will of course continue to expand on that site, but our home is on LinkedIn.

This is where we will store all of our recordings (we are migrating them from our old site as fast as possible) as well – so check it out as well.