Proud Daddy–My Clever Vegemite Gets An Award

Yesterday was the last assembly of the year for my oldest daughter, Flynn, at her school. So naturally I had to attend, especially as we’d been informed that she would be receiving an award.

Of course this meant we’d be there in full force, supporting our little girl (not so little any more tho).

So we get there and all the kids are seated (pre-primary to year 7) and each year has their own awards to hand out to those kids most deserving.

We slowly creep past the pre-primaries and we then get to year 1 – Flynn’s year – and the awards are announced. We wait patiently as three other girls gets their awards in different categories. Then, finally, the last category – Academic Excellence Math and Literacy – and Flynn is called out.

I’m snapping shots off as fast as I can, not paying attention to other parents, seating name it..this is my little girl who’s going to be rewarded for all of her hard work this year.

The teacher, Mrs. Plenty lists off the reasons for Flynn getting the award and I suddenly find myself sniffing with tears running down my face (yes, I blubbered like a prepubescent hormonal teenager).

Flynn - Amazingly Clever Vegemite 2


Flynn, I’m so proud of you. You’ve shown dedication and a work ethic way beyond my biggest dreams.

Whatever you do in life,whatever is thrown at you,look back and remember this day for I know I certainly will.

There is nothing life can throw at you that you can’t handle and I know that anything you set you mind to, you can do.

I was so proud to see you stand up there, smiling, and receiving your award. An award that you have worked so very hard at.

You are such a humble, unassuming girl, always ready to help others and never have you had a mean streak in you.

I know that you may not yet understand the significance of this award but it is proof that you have the right mindset, dedication and capability to face anything!

One day we will look back on this day…You dad. December 7, 2010.