Month: January 2011

LIDNUG is now an open group

LIDNUG is now an open group – What does this mean? well, for all sense and purposes LIDNUG will continue to be the #1 spot for .Net. This was a feature that was introduced a little while back by LinkedIn – It used to be so that all group discussions were closed and only accessible by members. This meant that… Read more →

What’s good for you, is good for me!

Since i left the army back in the 90’s and taken on a full-time desk job (IT Consultant) I must admit that i’ve gotten a little soft around the edges.

In my defense i’m a lazy shit – yes, that’s a defense because it’s obviously the truth. That is however changing and one of the things i’m doing these days is to take my young Rottweiler puppy with me on a nightly walk.

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