Working with LINQ? then why the hell aren’t you using LINQPad?

LINQPad - the LINQ tool for the SMART developer

In all honesty, LINQ is a brilliant addition to the .Net framework – and it’s a breeze to work with…well..sometimes.

it’s those times you think “Man, it would be really nice if we had a great tool to help me out here”…

LINQPad - the LINQ tool for the SMART developerEnter Stage Left – LINQPad – i cannot praise this application enough and i’m sure many of my friends are tired of hearing me throw a “you should see what i did in LINQPad today” over a beer (ok, i’m admittedly a geek…).

You may also think that you only use LINQ a little bit…well that’s because you’re not using LINQPad folks!

The author of LINQPad is Joe Albahari, C# MVP Extraordinaire!