LIDNUG is now an open group

LIDNUG is now an open group – What does this mean? well, for all sense and purposes LIDNUG will continue to be the #1 spot for .Net.

This was a feature that was introduced a little while back by LinkedIn – It used to be so that all group discussions were closed and only accessible by members. This meant that if you had a great discussion going, or saw somebody else who had a good one going, that you really couldn’t link to it via twitter and/or blogs/forums etc. The problem always was that LI would annoyingly ask you to log in first – and then once you’d logged in you didn’t get redirected on to the discussion you wanted to read in the first place. That’s all been fixed now tho – can link directly to discussions in the group and people will be able to access them.

The differences are:

a) old discussions are now archived and only available to previous members. (this was done so that privacy policies were still kept a priority) 
b) new discussions can be read and linked to by the general public – even non-LinkedIn members.
c) in order to post a discussion or comment you still have to be a group member.

So as you can see, nothing major has changed – we thought that with the absolutely fantastic discussions we have from you, the members, it’d be a shame to withhold this from other people.

So, welcome to a new chapter of LIDNUG – this is 2011!