What’s your professional development plans for 2011?

At the beginning of each year i sit down and try to knot out what i feel worth spending time on for the coming year. 2011 being a new year got that same treatment.

I’ve found that this leaves less time wasted and categorise my efforst into three main groups.

Major, Minor and AdHoc..

What i do is i take large (Major) targets, such as learning a new framework, achieving something (like a promotion, getting certified in X, not shooting the dog) and allocate a timeframe to it.

Say for instance MVC 3.

ok, i’m fairly up to speed with MVC 2, but it’s a new version so i try to give it a Major ranking.
Since the year has 12 months the more “Major” targets i add, the less time i have for it. But the year is divided equally (basic math here, 4 “Major” targets == 3 months to learn each..12 “Major” targets…well…get back to me on that one). So since MVC 3 is one of my “Major” targets for this year we start out with 12 months for it (it’s the first and highest priority at the moment).

“Minor” targets are in weekly increments but cannot exceed more than what 1 single “Major” target has allocated (otherwise i’d be a “Major” right).

“AdHoc” targets are daily summaries – such as blogging, tweeting, attending an event – they’re small 1 day targets only and cannot exceed more than a “Minor” target (makes sense?).

So, question now is, what’s your “Major” and “Minor” targets for this year? or haven’t you thought about this yet (tick tock tick tock…that’s the sound of your time running out)?