Excellent list of techs/geeks in the community to stalk…err…follow

One of the Developer Evangelists at Telerik here in Australia, John Bristowe (canadian, eh->?), has been busy in the Technical community and gotten an excellent list of techs/geeks in the Australian IT&T community put together (ok, i say excellent because i’m on it, other than that it’s a completely unbiased statement) with both their blog (if applicable) and twitter (again, if applicable) details.

Having been invovled with the community for a while now many of the names were familiar, but there was a few guys that i weren’t quite aware of (this is a good thing, connecting up asap).

I should say that it’s great to see Telerik expand to Australia, with an actual physical presence, and to be honest it’s very evident that they’re now here in person – they keep popping up everywhere i look.

So if you want to know what’s happening around the development community, take a look at this list, and then stalk…i mean….follow some (or all) of these guys, virtually of course.


In closing, thanks for including me in the list John 😉

Of course, John being so humble forgot to add one particular person to the list