LIDNUG is looking for speakers again

Yes, it’s that time of year and we’re looking to fill our next 6 months worth of events for the Linked .Net Users Group (LIDNUG).

So if you have a hot .Net related┬átopic and is interested in doing a virtual presentation (we utilise Live Meeting) for a seriously cool user group, please feel free to ping me (there’s a contact form on my blog).

You can see some of the events we hold on our unofficial website’s recording archives here:

Linked .Net Users Group..

The official INETA Linked.NET Group! (LIDNUG)

This group is meant to be for professionals using or interested in the
Microsoft .NET technologies

Professionals that are using or interested in the Microsoft .NET technologies
and the C# language in particular.

The group is for developers,
architects, designers (Silverlight), managers, consultants, Visual Studio
software engineers, QA and Program Managers and anyone else who is


Unofficial LIDNUG Home:

Event Recording Archives:

We’ve peaked past 45,000 members and have a thriving discussion board on LinkedIn (just follow the LIDNUG Home link above).