Supercomputing – What would you do with the worlds most powerful computer?

Fujitsu Limited created the worlds most powerful computer – It reached a staggering 10.51 petaflops (that’s 10 quadrillion calculations per second btw) using 705,024 SPARC64 processing cores. That’s 4 times faster than the second most powerful supercomputer in existence today. Since i started working with computers (and watching SciFi movies) the processing power has increased dramatically and we now have mobile devices with more processing grunt available than what most servers held back then.

Needless to say, some of the biggest discoveries today in science has happened purely because of the processing capability available. So, consider this, what would you do with the most powerful computer in the world? Cure cancer, locate the “god-particle”, map the universe?

It’s staggering to think of this accomplishment, let alone if you put it into perspective and compare it to what we, even today, expect from computers.

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