Time travel – myth, legend or happening? ThinkPad “Retro”

The ThinkPad brand has a huge following – and i mean, it’s almost like a culture in of itself. We see a fan base, with strong and long running ties to the ThinkPad brand; But in an industry where most are conforming to market analysis outcomes and what’s available from a technical perspective, not many brands manages to create quite as much “stir” in the ethers like Lenovo’s ThinkPad.

Some of the best (and if you ask an owner, “THE” best) performing and quality built business laptops come from the ThinkPad line, with the current T450 and W541 coming out as uncontested winners – so where’s Lenovo going next?

Enter stage right – “Retro”

The code name for the next generation of performance beasts is “Retro” and it’s clear that people like David Hill, Chief Design Officer for Lenovo PC and Server wants to get it right. He released a blog not very long ago, which saw more than 190,000 views and as of today, more than 3,000 comments, which outlined some of the thoughts behind the “Retro”.


The sheer volume of responses has given the “Retro” life and David is now asking for specific feedback through a series of surveys – with the first one being launched today.

The surveys are just short and concise, but centred around specific aspects of the device. In a manner Lenovo is letting the community (and it’s fans) give feedback on what should be included in the “Retro”. That’s almost unheard of from such a massive manufacturer – something that only small, specialist makers care to dive into. The first survey is addressing keyboards and pointing devices.

It’s an opportunity to give input into the actual device capabilities – keyboard (here’s to hoping the traditional ThinkPad keyboard is included..nudge, nudge!!), hinge type, ThinkLights, internal components, screen type etc etc.

We don’t yet know how many surveys will appear, but we do know that this is the first. Best bet would be to keep an eye out for the Lenovo Blog – or catch the #RetroThinkPad or #LenovoIN hashtags on Twitter.

Here’s a link to the first (of hopefully many) opportunities for us to have a say – Retro ThinkPad Survey Series – Survey 1 – and here’s the blog announcing the survey.

BHM-tinyBrian is a member of the Lenovo INsiders group and is a Microsoft MVP. All opinions and views are his own. Catch him on twitter.