Now I’m a happy camper!! rocks!

Ok – since the MVP nomination i’ve gotten tons of info sent to me and have just barely managed to get through it all.

to top it off, i finally got the MVP newsgroups up and running and just spent a couple of hours reading through some of the threads i decided to subscribe to – and what do i see here..ComponentArt was offering a free Web.UI license for all MVP Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.Net awardees (the MVPs can find the details themselves or email me). so, could be a phising expedition but i thought it was worth a try.

Had heard about ComponentArt before but never used any of their products – so decided to check it out – and voila..less than 15 minutes and the license was in my inbox. i’m downloading now and i’m going to play with it tonight!!!

damn – i love cool toys!

Anyways, here’s a big Thank You to ComponentArt for extending this generosity!

either i’m easily impressed or this is impressive? Congrats Bill!

I’ve obviously been absent from the blogging life longer than i realised. work and the speed of time seems to have gone through the roof.

Today i was browsing through some of my old favorites and came across Bill Ryan’s blog again – whisked through it and read up on his latest entries. Seeing a link “My MVP profile” I thought “lets have a closer look at lil’ billy!!” and the first think i noted was my friend’s publications..what was that?? two books?

I always knew Bill was extremely knowledgeable and had an easy way of presenting his skills in a way which was clear and consise..just what you need in a book writer and/or presenter.

Anyways, short story here is: two books:

  1. Professional ADO.NET 2: Programming with SQL Server 2005, Oracle, and MySQL
  2. Professional WinFX Beta : Covers Avalon and Indigo

What can i say – now i got to get hold of those two!

Anyways, congratulations Bill on your publications! am thoroughly impressed!