Proud Daddy–My Clever Vegemite Gets An Award

Yesterday was the last assembly of the year for my oldest daughter, Flynn, at her school. So naturally I had to attend, especially as we’d been informed that she would be receiving an award.

Of course this meant we’d be there in full force, supporting our little girl (not so little any more tho).

So we get there and all the kids are seated (pre-primary to year 7) and each year has their own awards to hand out to those kids most deserving.

We slowly creep past the pre-primaries and we then get to year 1 – Flynn’s year – and the awards are announced. We wait patiently as three other girls gets their awards in different categories. Then, finally, the last category – Academic Excellence Math and Literacy – and Flynn is called out.

I’m snapping shots off as fast as I can, not paying attention to other parents, seating name it..this is my little girl who’s going to be rewarded for all of her hard work this year.

The teacher, Mrs. Plenty lists off the reasons for Flynn getting the award and I suddenly find myself sniffing with tears running down my face (yes, I blubbered like a prepubescent hormonal teenager).

Flynn - Amazingly Clever Vegemite 2


Flynn, I’m so proud of you. You’ve shown dedication and a work ethic way beyond my biggest dreams.

Whatever you do in life,whatever is thrown at you,look back and remember this day for I know I certainly will.

There is nothing life can throw at you that you can’t handle and I know that anything you set you mind to, you can do.

I was so proud to see you stand up there, smiling, and receiving your award. An award that you have worked so very hard at.

You are such a humble, unassuming girl, always ready to help others and never have you had a mean streak in you.

I know that you may not yet understand the significance of this award but it is proof that you have the right mindset, dedication and capability to face anything!

One day we will look back on this day…You dad. December 7, 2010.

Forgetting car keys in the car – and leaving it running!!

2011-01-29 04:26:09

Now, normally, the graphics artist in my team, has his head screwed on straight – well that being said, Monday saw a dramatic change in his bio rythms.

He went to work, started at 8:30am and left at 5:00pm..just a normal day – except this particular Monday he couldn”t find his keys. Great!!! now what!! did he leave them in the car, locking himself out?

yes and no, he did leave them in his car but he didn”t lock himself out. Actually he was having such a great day that he decided to leave his car idling in the car park ALL DAY LONG!!

He is a graphics artist/web designer/pixel pusher and he has just confirmed to me that my opion of designers are that they are scatterbrained at the best of times.

How can you park your car, leave you keys in the ignition, NOT turn off the engine and then go to work for 8hrs…Needless to say, Andrew is now lucky to still own his car and i”m sure that he”s going to stop taking those “alternative medication pills” he”s obviously on.

Rebuilt my PC – why is it always a headache?

2011-01-29 04:25:42

Well – last night i started installing Windows 2003 Server onto a server from my wife's should have been a breeze, have done it a ton of times, but for some reason the CD/DVD drive kept crapping out on me in the middle of the install. It took 4 attempts before the CD/DVD drive worked all the way through.

So – sitting and watching an OS install made me think that i should do my own PC at the same time. I've had a few issues, due to my PSU not being able to handle the hardware i've installed and figured i might as well get onto it. So i removed a HD, USB 2.0 card (extra one i had) and started to re-install the OS.

When you've been using a PC for a while you forget all the small applications you keep using on a day-to-day basis..some you may not even have the installer for any longer.

I started by just installing the OS, then daemon-tools (great ISO reader, and it's free too), then MS Office 2003..ok, where's my reg. key??? damn. Well, off to MSDN to get my key back. Now, Acronis TrueImage Workstation has to be put back so i can at least start to do my Images of the PC regularly.

on and on it 2:30am i was finished….

at least i now have a clean and fast machine again…

Nevron – nice charting alternative

I'm always looking for alternatives and sometimes it pans out..the alternative proves to be better than the solution i had in place to start with.

Now, having using ComponentArt's ASP.Net Charting component for a while (and i've been happy with it) i thought that it really needed a few more charts/graphs available than what it currently does.

so, Nevron steps in..have tested some of the graphs and they appear to be a bit more comprehensive..

for a bit more info on Nevron:

Nevron LLC - Bundles  –

I for one think they have quite a large range of graphs available…and looking nice is an added bonus for sure.

ASP.Net 2.0, ValidationGroup property article

Well, i was bored tonight (plus i have a pounding headache) so decided to fiddle around a bit and build the foundation for a larger article.

As i was putting the images and code together i thought i might as well write up a very small article for the ValidationGroup property.

It can be found here.

Anyways, no heckling is allowed…don't like the way i use the property, don't read the article :,,) j/k..anybody come up with another way of utilising the ValidationGroup property feel free to comment and/or send me a mail.

ASP.Net 2.0 – How to use the new ValidationGroup property

With the release of ASP.Net 2.0 came a host of Validation features. In this series I'll be touching on those and show you how easily it now is to create validation for your forms.

In part 1 i'll be showing a new feature/property of existing validation tools – namely the ValidationGroup property. With this property you can now gather section specific validation together, so now there's no need to assess what to validate on PostBack.

In forms where you have several sections – some which might be dependant on others – some which might be individual and not be required. You can still validate these very easily should somebody input data into the fields.

For the purpose of illustrating this feature i'll be creating a very simple login form (not using any of the Login controls in ASP.Net 2.0).

 ValidationGroup - Login Form

as you can see, i've used the following controls here:

  1. ValidationSummary
  2. Label – Username
  3. Label – Password
  4. TextBox – Username
  5. TextBox – Password
  6. Button – Login
  7. RequiredFieldValidator – Username
  8. RequiredFieldValidator – Password

To group them all together in the same ValidationGroup you need to set the group name in the ValidationGroup property, which can be found at the very bottom of the property list if you sort it alphabetically.

I chose to use LoginForm as the ValidationGroup name. This will have to be done for each control you want to be grouped together.

ValidationGroup property - TextBox ValidationGroup property - password 

ValidationGroup property - Button ValidationGroup property - ValidationSummary

ValidationGroup property - RequiredFieldValidator ValidationGroup property - RequiredFieldValidator 2

Now on each of the RequiredFieldValidator controls i'll set the ControlToValidate and Display property.

ControlToValidate property

Display property

Now the reason for selecting None in the Display property is that i want the ErrorMessage value to display in the ValidationSummary.

Simple as that – you've now grouped the fields together with the ValidationSummary and both RequiredFieldValidator controls and can have several grouped validation rules in place on the same form.

ValidationGroup property - ResetForm ValidationGroup property - ResetForm – Mail Beta

I use gmail for my primary email and have for quite some time..but some time back I tried to sign up with Mail Beta…still unsuccessful and have no clue why that is.

i've now tried to sign up again yesterday evening and lets hope that i'll work this time..i'm suspecting that there's a manual process involved here since it seems that nothing is happening.

funny enough, i recieved an email the other day which informed me that i could now invite people to the Mail Beta, yet insofar as i know, i have yet to be accepted…

Does it actually exist? anybody using it?  – the website is there…

Chuckie…or the bride of Chuckie?? that is the question

2011-01-29 04:22:56

I'm definitely picking up my blogging again and i'm also surfing the web a bit more than i've been able to in the last 3-4 months.

Well – in my cruising i dug up some links to old blogs i used to frequent..and lo and behold..Charles 'Chuck' Sterling, self-professed fisherman, absolutely hillarious presenter is turning to modelling!!

i'm hot...i'm gorgeous..Fabio, look out!!!
– Charles 'Chuck' Sterling,
  Developer Evangelist, Microsoft

I mean, who can resist that piece of love machine?

Beside being endowed with these curls, the maskuline attraction and simply steaming male love muscle, Chuck is also one of the most hillarious presenters i've ever sat with..this guy cracks some serious jokes on stage and you can be damn sure it'll be a show if he's up there (ok, so far there has been no acknowledgement from Microsoft regarding Chuckie taking up the next Chippendale tour..but stay put for more news). – new Wiki

David Lemphers has always been a man of vision – and he”s ever vigilant in getting in touch with the development community out there (he even presented for the Perth SQL Server UG some time back…i”ll get him back to present for at my group again soon nudge nudge wink wink..).

Anyways, he”s just launched a new initiative..a wiki…it”s not a new concept, but it does run on Sharepoint 2007 which means i”ll be going there constantly.  << here it is..should be going REAL live pretty soon.

Note: due to the high amount of spam directed at this post – i have removed comments from it. If you have any questions just send me an email through the Contact section.