New Perth community run news site –

Perth has seen the light of a new type of web site – the idea is pretty simple but i think this will be a great hit.

Allowing for members to post their own news you can be sure to be heard about any topic which facinates you. Not only that, but the site has a crisp and clean layout, making it easy to find your way around…

It”s definitely worth having a look….

Internet Explorer 7 Release Candiate 1 launched…and who got the bust on this first??

Well…persistence paid off – as it usually does….was told to watch Spyware Sucks for some news today and i litterally caught it as it hit the web waves!!

Microsoft launched the IE7 RC1 and the bust was made by Sandi Hardmeier…as usual.

I”ve already installed it – well roughly 3 minutes AFTER it was officially released that how close to being the first is that!!

Anyways, Sandi, always vigilant kept me in the loop and i”m now the proud runner of IE7 RC1..

Good work Sandi!!

just in closing, Sandi (the evil woman that she is) didn”t break any of the NDAs she”s under as she strung me out till she was given the official green light….now i just need to get Sandi interested in development and i”ll get her back for letting me wait for hours!!!


One of the MVPs out there that”s working hard in a very unappreciated industry (Malware and spyware stuff…beyond me) is Sandi Hardmeier – her blog, Spyware Sucks is a fountain of information for the rest of us ignorants in this field.

Sandi also maintains the IE dedicated website –

She is probably the person i know that knows absolutely everything there is to know about Internet Explorer 7.

So for anything related to IE 7, Spyware etc head on over and say hello to Sandi.

Go girl!!!

too much fun can harm you…i''m willing to argue that one

today was completely unproductive for me..first off, i got home at around 2:30am this morning after having been working on fixing SQL Server back up again…then, i got into work at around 8:30am (that”s actually company policy meeting time…didn”t know that)…but..then just when i thought i actually had to get some work done i discovered a link that one of my staff sent me a few weeks ago.

needless to say..i”m weird..very weird and i haven”t laughed this much in a loooooong time..

Warning – this link contains adult material and may offend

this is absolutely hillarious and Foamy is now my new hero!!

Perth .Net COP – Greg Linwood is presenting here as well (man he''s busy!)

Greg Linwood – probably one of the best SQL Server presenters i”ve ever had the pleasure of watching perform, is now also presenting for the Perth .Net COP.

Meeting 6th September – Designing Indexes for Developers – Wednesday, Sept 06, 2006

:        Wednesday 6th September
Time:        5:30 PM
Topic:       Designing Indexes for Developers
Location:   Colonial Ballroom – MELBOURNE HOTEL, 942 Hay St  (cnr Milligan St), Perth
Cost:         FREE

Indexes that allow the database management system to access the underlying data efficiently are critical for the successful operation of a database application. In this session, Greg Linwood will explain some simple techniques you can follow to design indexes which will help your code run like the wind.

Perth SQL Server UG – Greg Linwood is presenting again

After many requests, Greg Linwood is back in town.

The event is free.

Title: Managing Indexes for Database Administrators
Presenter: Greg Linwood, Managing Director, SQL Servants
Venue: Colonial room – Melbourne Hotel, Cnr Hay & Milligan St (Behind the QV1 building)
Time: 7th of September, 2006 5:30pm-7pm

Greg Linwood is the Managing Director of “SQL Servants” – a dedicated Australian SQL Server infrastructure support business and also Australian Director of “Solid Quality Learning” – the world”s leading provider of expert SQL Server training. Greg has worked in a range of developer & DBA capacities with SQL Server since 1993 and first received Microsoft’s SQL Server MVP award in 2003. He has gained significant expertise in SQL Server tuning & optimisation techniques and most of his professional time is currently spent tuning various customer SQL Server systems. Greg is passionate about building high quality SQL Server community events in Australia and is one of the founders of the Australian SQL Server User Group.

at this event we”ll cover:

Managing indexes is central to achieving good database performance and is therefore an important skill for a professional Database Administrator (DBA) to possess. In this session, Greg Linwood will explain the fundamentals of index management, including how to identify which indexes are being used by SQL Server (and those that are not), which are being fragmented and statistics aged.

In addition, Greg will dispell some widely held myths about Clustered & Non-Clustered indexes by describing the roles these important structures play in a database and how to strategically maximise their use. Whilst this session is aimed at primarily at database administrators, it will also be of interest to developers wanting to maximise database performance of their applications.

Registrations will close on the 6th of September at 9PM.


Venue: Colonial room – Melbourne Hotel, Cnr Hay & Milligan St (Behind the QV1 building) | Duration 5:30PM – 7:00PM | On: Thursday,7 September 2006

i''m feeling sad..this guy is actually for real!!

ok – the world of commercial advertising is scaring the hell out of me.

i”m no Gary Grant or super hunk..but..this is scary.

this poor guy has put his face onto a TV commercial “Hi this is Rusty!!” for a local Perth computer store..and they”ve gone one further and built him a mini site.

i”m still cracking up..