LIDNUG: Scott Guthrie returns for 9th Q&A – Oct 26, 9AM

That’s right folks – Scott Guthrie is back for his 9th installment – he’s been absent from the scene for quite a while now. Hell, his last blog post was somewhere in September and then he went phufff.

But he’s back and we currently have 600+ registrations for the Q&A session, which Scott has normally held every quarter (but obviously with his new role…yes, what does his new role actually mean???…he’s been rather busy and have unfortunately had to postphone this session). But all good things come to those who wait – and it really doesn’t get much better than Scott Guthrie!




LIDNUG is looking for speakers again

Yes, it’s that time of year and we’re looking to fill our next 6 months worth of events for the Linked .Net Users Group (LIDNUG).

So if you have a hot .Net related topic and is interested in doing a virtual presentation (we utilise Live Meeting) for a seriously cool user group, please feel free to ping me (there’s a contact form on my blog).

You can see some of the events we hold on our unofficial website’s recording archives here:

Linked .Net Users Group..

The official INETA Linked.NET Group! (LIDNUG)

This group is meant to be for professionals using or interested in the
Microsoft .NET technologies

Professionals that are using or interested in the Microsoft .NET technologies
and the C# language in particular.

The group is for developers,
architects, designers (Silverlight), managers, consultants, Visual Studio
software engineers, QA and Program Managers and anyone else who is


Unofficial LIDNUG Home:

Event Recording Archives:

We’ve peaked past 45,000 members and have a thriving discussion board on LinkedIn (just follow the LIDNUG Home link above).


Excellent list of techs/geeks in the community to stalk…err…follow

One of the Developer Evangelists at Telerik here in Australia, John Bristowe (canadian, eh->?), has been busy in the Technical community and gotten an excellent list of techs/geeks in the Australian IT&T community put together (ok, i say excellent because i’m on it, other than that it’s a completely unbiased statement) with both their blog (if applicable) and twitter (again, if applicable) details.

Having been invovled with the community for a while now many of the names were familiar, but there was a few guys that i weren’t quite aware of (this is a good thing, connecting up asap).

I should say that it’s great to see Telerik expand to Australia, with an actual physical presence, and to be honest it’s very evident that they’re now here in person – they keep popping up everywhere i look.

So if you want to know what’s happening around the development community, take a look at this list, and then stalk…i mean….follow some (or all) of these guys, virtually of course.

In closing, thanks for including me in the list John 😉

Of course, John being so humble forgot to add one particular person to the list

Getting more involved – virtual communities

As many would have noticed, i’ve been involved with LIDNUG for quite a while now as a group manager. We’ve seen the group grow hugely in the last couple of years and now count more than 43,000+ members – it’s my baby and I’ve spent countless hours organising events and responding to requests/questions from members in the discussions.

LIDNUG went to the “Open Group” model earlier in the year and is now accessible for non-members as well.

One of the big aspects of LIDNUG has been our monthly events [links to upcoming events can be found on the right hand side of my blog] and we’ve gathered some excellent support from our sponsors, with more requests coming in weekly.

We’ll keep rolling out a large range of presentation topics and here in June we have 4 events scheduled (apologies for those registered for the one today which we had to postpone – it’s on in 24hrs).

I’m a firm believer in virtual communities – i feel the reach of these communities extend well and truly far beyond physical locations/restrictions – something which is apparent when you live in the most isolated capital city in the world. To set the record straight, i don’t believe that virtual communities can (or should) replace physical user groups, but more complement them as well as open up opportunities for those that cannot either attend a physical user group or conference.

I was recently asked to assist with another virtual community – also based on LinkedIn – this community has grown well and truly out of mind-boggling proportions, with more than 60,000+ members – the .Net People group doesn’t currently run online events, but we’re working on getting some organised.

Looking at the numbers for these groups then it’s obvious to me that virtual communities can, and will, get more and more attention and is becoming an excellent technical (.Net) source of information.

So now i’m a group manager of both groups and are of course open to presenters wanting to present to our members – give me a shout if you’re interested.