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Technical debt – when the bank really can’t help you out

Not long ago I had a brief 2hr session with a client who were looking at implementing a collaboration platform (read: SharePoint) to support their massively growing business. The discussion as usual went around platform/product capabilities and as usual the topic slowly venture into requirements and different scenarios that the client wanted the system comply. Due to the growth of… Read more →

Stick to your guns – why lifecycle management is important in the enterprise

The concept of Application Lifecycle Management is not a new invention that just popped out last year and hit us in our backsides. It’s a very wide topic with a lot of categories, which includes categories such as: Project Management Change Management Release Management Design, Modelling and Issue Management Yes, that’s right guys and girls (honestly!!) – Project Management is indeed… Read more →

Why developers should never run a country and what we forget is important when writing code…

I’ve always had a very critical view of politics – always figured its easy to wear those rear-view glasses that gives you a perfect 20-20 hindsight and running a country is easy. Now I’m a developer (and therefore wholly unsuited to ever run a country) and as we all know, developers are really smart – well…at least everybody else seems… Read more →