LIDNUG & Scott Guthrie – 15th Q&A on the 9th of January



LIDNUG presents Scott Guthrie’s 15th Open Q&A and the first event of 2013.


Scott has been coming back to LIDNUGs members each quarter for the past couple of years and it’s been one of the best sessions to get answers directly from The Gu himself.


In this session Scott answers questions on technical solutions, advices on implementations and draws comparisons between methodologies – all in the span of 90 minutes where his sole focus is to answer whatever question that comes in from the attendees.


My name is Scott Guthrie, and I am a Corporate Vice President in the Microsoft Server and Tools Business. I run a development team that works on the following products/technologies:scott-guthrie

  • Windows Azure
  • Entity Framework
  • WCF
  • WF
  • IIS
  • Service Bus
  • Cache
  • BizTalk
  • Visual Studio Tools for Web
  • Web Services and Workflow

Register and attend this event for a chance to win 1 of 2 Telerik Ultimate .Net Collections.

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Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Use the following link and send us a question

Is there sufficient parking available at the venue?
Yes, parking is available at this Virtual Online Event. Just make sure you park the car in your drive-way, have a cup of coffee and log in.

Who can I blame if I can’t access the session?
Just blame Brian (it’s easier that way) =>

Will attending this event help my career prospects?
Of course, you will be able to bring a treasure trove of knowledge with you to your next job interview.


ASP.Net MVC 4 hits beta & Scott Hanselman’s letter

If you, like me, have become a big fan of ASP.Net MVC then you’ll be happy to know that MVC 4 has just hit the beta.

Ever since MVC 4 hit CTP I’ve been hanging out for the closing date for the final release…it’s not here just yet, but at least it’s hit beta.

Obviously the support for mobile devices and HTML5 has been on the forefront of the teams delivery list and one of the features that enables this across a range of clients (that’s browsers, mobile devies etc) is the ASP.Net Web API.

With this release it’s also obvious that a lot of work has gone into learning material as it’s available from the get-go.

Of course, web forms (or classic ASP.Net) isn’t dead…as a web developer there’s so much innovation happening out there that it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything.

Scott Hanselman, who’s probably one of the most known (next after Scott Guthrie of course) ASP.Net team members has this to say..

Letter from Scott Hanselman

It’s an interesting time to be a web developer. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and the excitement around them, are moving the web forward faster than ever. As the web evolves, the folks at the web team here at Microsoft are evolving with it. The next version of Visual Studio will include lots of new features for web developers. The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editors have all been gone over with a fine-toothed comb with a clear focus on your everyday workflow. Little things like IntelliSense for CSS vendor-specific prefixes, a hex-code aware color picker, and snippets that expand into the features you use every day all work together with the promise to smooth your way.

ASP.NET Web Forms offer the comfortable control-based model with server-side events, ASP.NET MVC gives you an environment that promotes unit testing and separation of concerns, and ASP.NET web pages combine all the power of the lightweight and expressive Razor syntax with the convenience of inline scripting. ASP.NET itself is at the core; it’s the system that makes ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET web pages possible. Each can create modern and powerful HTML5 sites and each use all the power of today’s modern JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Knockout, Backbone, and much more. New frameworks like SignalR build directly on top of ASP.NET and make possible scalable real-time applications with cutting edge tech like Web Sockets.

Don’t think of ASP.NET as an island. It’s a citizen of the larger community. More and more of ASP.NET is open source, and we push hard every day to stay open and be open. We want to make ASP.NET more pluggable, more open, more fun. We’ve got big things planned – some that will surprise you. I hope you’ll join the conversation and the community.

Read about the next version of ASP.NET at

Scott Hanselman

Being and ASP.Net MVP it’s easy for me to get excited about what’s coming up…oh boy!!!

LIDNUG: ASP.Net MVC by David Haney recording available

We had a blast last week when David Haney took us through the ins and outs of ASP.Net MVC.

This was David’s first presentation (but hopefully not the last) for LIDNUG and we look forward to many more contributions by David.

David a software engineer who’s been using ASP.Net MVC commercial for quite a while and by request he took up the mantle and presented on one of the most requested topics we have at LIDNUG – Namely ASP.Net MVC.

The presentation recording is now available for download in our presentation archives.

Click here to browse the archives.