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An April Fool’s Day MVP – MVP 2012

The 1st of April has been hillarious for me, ever since I got my first Microsoft MVP Award in 2006. Not solely due to the fact that I’ve been honoured by Microsoft by being presented with the MVP Award, but also because quite a few of my friends finds it funny to send me all types of “spoofed” emails on… Read more →

LIDNUG is looking for speakers again

Yes, it’s that time of year and we’re looking to fill our next 6 months worth of events for the Linked .Net Users Group (LIDNUG). So if you have a hot .Net related topic and is interested in doing a virtual presentation (we utilise Live Meeting) for a seriously cool user group, please feel free to ping me (there’s a contact… Read more →

Getting more involved – virtual communities

As many would have noticed, i’ve been involved with LIDNUG for quite a while now as a group manager. We’ve seen the group grow hugely in the last couple of years and now count more than 43,000+ members – it’s my baby and I’ve spent countless hours organising events and responding to requests/questions from members in the discussions. LIDNUG went… Read more →

LIDNUG is now an open group

LIDNUG is now an open group – What does this mean? well, for all sense and purposes LIDNUG will continue to be the #1 spot for .Net. This was a feature that was introduced a little while back by LinkedIn – It used to be so that all group discussions were closed and only accessible by members. This meant that… Read more →