ReSharper 6.0 Beta 3 is out

One of my favorite Visual Studio extensions is the ReSharper productivity tool.

It’s still one of the best out there and there’s a ton of developers already using ReSharper to stay productive. This extension is pretty much a Must-Have in any developer’s toolbox.

Some of the enhancements in 6.0 Beta 3 over Beta 2 are:

  • Less memory consumption
  • No more never-ending process of scanning source files on solution load
  • Improved performance

If you’re a keen JetBrains fan, then you must get your hands on this latest beta release!

As usual, if you’re having any problems with the beta you can easily submit a bug report to JetBrains.

Visual Studio Extensions I like

There’s a ton of phenomenal extentions available for Visual Studio 2010 these days and you can almost drown in the variety of them that’s available.

But, there’s a few that’s a top “must have” for me right now.

Here’s a list of the ones that i use on a day to day basis:

I’m also playing with a few beta releases at the moment:

I’ll be writing some blogs in the upcoming weeks about my experiences with Armadillo – so stay tuned! Btw, Armadillo is a Bug Prevention extention from TypeMock, and it’s as i noted, currently in beta and free to try out

Bling your desktop with some Visual Studio 2010 Wallpapers

Not sure if i’m getting terribly old or if i’m forgetful – but i meant to blog this some time back when i first found it: – there’s tons of awesome community content/submissions there if you want to bling your desktop with some cool Visual Studio 2010 wallpapers.

you can also find links to VS2010 logos, Visual Studio 2010 colour schemes or simply submit your own blinged up creation.