Category: Visual Studio 2010

ReSharper 6.0 Beta 3 is out

One of my favorite Visual Studio extensions is the ReSharper productivity tool. It’s still one of the best out there and there’s a ton of developers already using ReSharper to stay productive. This extension is pretty much a Must-Have in any developer’s toolbox. Some of the enhancements in 6.0 Beta 3 over Beta 2 are: Less memory consumption No more… Read more →

Visual Studio Extensions I like

There’s a ton of phenomenal extentions available for Visual Studio 2010 these days and you can almost drown in the variety of them that’s available. But, there’s a few that’s a top “must have” for me right now. Here’s a list of the ones that i use on a day to day basis: Telerik JustCode – Telerik JustDecompile –… Read more →

Bling your desktop with some Visual Studio 2010 Wallpapers

Not sure if i’m getting terribly old or if i’m forgetful – but i meant to blog this some time back when i first found it: – there’s tons of awesome community content/submissions there if you want to bling your desktop with some cool Visual Studio 2010 wallpapers. you can also find links to VS2010 logos, Visual Studio 2010… Read more →