OT: A little bit of heaven south of the river

I’ve wanted to write this blog post for quite some time – but with the silly season around and then back to work, it simply escaped me – now, sitting here enjoying a great cup of Kichwa Tembo coffee (courtesy of my AeroPress coffee maker – best invention ever btw) i thought i should share the love a bit and let you folks know about this little piece of heaven south of the river.

I’ve always loved a good cup/mug of coffee and i don’t mind paying for it. Not the biggest fan of instant coffee but really did have nothing else to drink back when i served in the army. It’s not bad, if you like that paintstripper aftertaste.

I’m not a barista or coffee expert (same goes for wine, love it, but probably wouldn’t be able to tell a $50 bottle apart from a $100 bottle), but when i get a good cup of coffee i know that i have to go back again…and again…and again.

One of the problems in Perth is distance, so driving 20km+ for a cup of coffee is a bit on the insane side, which was why i was delighted to find out that a new coffee shop had opened up on Warton road (and no, i don’t count Dome as a “coffee shop” – they equal instant coffee on my unofficial scale).

Essence of Coffee – (http://essenceofcoffee.com.au)  

The three points that they say about themselves are… 

  • Serious about coffee
  • Fantastic food
  • Casual Atmosphere

I’d want to add a few more points to that list…

  • Excellent service
  • Superb quality
  • Consistent experience

The last point is probably the most important for me. Quite often i’ve had a great cup of coffee at a cafe, gone back thinking (naively) that i’d be able to relive the experience, just to leave with completely shattered illusions – dissapointing.

Now, The Roastery, which is the cafe i’ve come to love, gets their beans from the same guys – Essence of Coffee – and rather than being “just another coffee shop” they really have some serious expertise when it comes to that little bean from heaven. They roast their beans in-house and keep quite a varied range (my favorites are Genesis, for that pure coffee taste, and the Kichwa Tembo when i want something a little bit different) which luckily you can both buy in-store and online.

It’s become a bit of a problem for me to go without coffee if i run out of my favorite beans (there is not substitute for quality and flavour in the coffee world) and this became somewhat troublesome since i’m locate 99% of the time in Perth CBD. For you guys out there, in the same boat as me, don’t despair – Cafe 54 (54 Pier St, Perth) runs the same beans!!! yes.

Anyways, i’ve been going to The Roastery quite often of late (am i addicted?) and each and every single time i’ve gone, the experience has been the same as the first time i went. It’s also great that us peons south of the river, get to enjoy some quality.

So, if you’re down near The Roastery, check them out because it’s definitely worth a detour.

Big thumbs up folks….