Microsoft offering disaster storage solution for businesses in Brisbane affected by the flood.

Over the recent week, business and residents in the Brisbane area has been hit by a massive flood – this has seen 10 people lose their lives already (of those 10, 5 were children) – and everybody are putting in their bit to help where they can.

It’s times like these where we really see what community is all about…

Catherine Eibner came up with an idea to help out the businesses in Brisbane which were not only being hit hard now, but are likely to be hit even harder once business starts up again. One of the things that is of the upmost importance to their business is data..pure and simple..and not every business out there are capable of having a fully redundant enterprise storage solution available to them. Maybe they’re not even hosting their own data, but are relying on service providers in Brisbane to store their data. Since it’s highly likely that data centres will be hit just as massively (100,000 homes were scheduled to loose power, for how long nobody knows) when the power outages are coming, chances are (however slim, do you really want to risk it?) that they may also be affected.

So, the solution Catherine came up with was to provide Brisbane businesses temporary storage on the Windows Azure platform – for free!!!

You’re no doubt aware of the extreme flooding that has been occurring throughout Queensland and now encroaching upon Brisbane CBD.

Our own car park in downtown Brisbane is under water…


Microsoft is helping through government infrastructure support, temporary software licenses/online services access, and facilitating donations & volunteering.

One effort where we’re hoping to enlist your support is in helping small/medium businesses back up their data (server loss could be catastrophic for a small business).  I know when I had my business, I didn’t have the data redundancies in place to cope with something of this magnitude. Hopefully – in using the infrastructure that Microsoft has available, we can help prevent this for some of the businesses effected by the floods.

We’re proposing a very simple approach: backing up files to a local virtual hard disk and uploading those files into Windows Azure storage.  This is not designed to provide application-level services and is only meant to be short term storage (accounts expire in 30 days).  However, it could provide the data backup solution your customers need in this time of crisis.  Note: the Azure accounts we’ve secured carry no guaranteed SLA or data liability (and you’re not permitted to charge for these Azure account resources).

For more information about this offering, please read through Catherine’s blog post:

So if you or your clients are in need of some disaster storage assistance, read through that post on how to quickly get up and running…

You know those famous last words?

It’ll never happen to me

Well, are you or your clients prepared to risk it?

Big thanks to Catherine Eibner, Microsoft and those involved with making this offer available..