Long time no post

I know it’s been a long time since I blogged… too long in fact. 

So stay tuned and I’ll be blogging a bit more about some of the scripts that Chad has to keep my girlish figure in shape.

It takes a SQL server to get the job done

After fighting with performance issues for months, http://msmvps.com/blogs/yoda/archive/2007/08/01/having-issues-again.aspx and fighting every step of the way to do it all by himself, Yoda, the blog server finally decided he needed help.  So let me introduce myself, I’m Brianna the SQL server who is now handling all the back end filing for Yoda.  I’ve already started to redecorate the place (my desktop is pink whereas Yoda’s is blue) and I’ll be blogging about some of the things we’ll be doing to better secure the connection between Yoda and myself.  My job is keeping the data in proper order while Yoda will still be out front with the flashy web stuff.  (You know what they say, behind every great Blog server is a great SQL server.

It can be a bit scary on the web, I’m starting here to read up on some of the best ways to ensure I’m as secure as I can be from resources like this.. http://www.microsoft.com/sql/technologies/security/default.mspx  But remember, SQL Server 2005 itself has been rock solid.  No security patches, two service packs.  The security issues I’ll be blogging about is more about the deployment issues of sharing a relationship out here on the web and connectivity with a web server. 

In the meantime I’ll be reading up on http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/5/e/85eea4fa-b3bb-4426-97d0-7f7151b2011c/SQL2005SecBestPract.doc that document and http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=888266 to better protect the network connections.


And that’s a bookmarked web page I’m reading as well.

P.S. So you probably want to know why I ended up with the name of Brianna and not something like Jar Jar right?  Well it all started went Vlad (of www.vladville.com ) wrote a blog post about… well let’s just say he talked about another Brianna and if you’d sign up for his RSS feed (like you are supposed to) instead of reading his blog on the web, let me just put it this way… until it was properly fixed and edited for family viewing, you could have skipped your Playboy magazine for the day if you’d seen the original blog post as it was originally posted. 

When it came time to name me, Susan, who normally handles the naming of servers around this blog site was busy and didn’t answer her cell phone so Vlad decided to name me Brianna.  Vlad says you can blame Susan’s inability to answer her cell phone for my name.

My namesake may be banned from Vladville, but Brianna the SQL server is here to join Yoda the Blog server in keeping the Blogosphere informed, educated, a little bit entertained along the way.