April Fools’ Day Application

My latest article is up on MSDN's Coding4Fun.  Take a look and download a fun application to annoy your friends and co-workers on April Fools' Day. As always, questions and comments welcome.  If it's a question or comment that could benefit the masses, please create a new post over on the forum and I will reply there. Share this post: email it! | bookmark it! | digg it! | reddit! | kick it! | live it!

Exception Handlers

Warning.  Rant coming… I was working on a project last week that included code that looked sort of like this: public bool SomeMethod() { try { // do some lengthy, involved, *critical* process that, // if it fails, will cause the rest of the application to fail *forever* // as it leaves a required, persisted resource in a corrupted state } catch { return false; } } public void SomeOtherMethod() { SomeMethod(); } Of course, when I was debugging an issue in this application, SomeMethod was failing, yet I had no idea because the author of the code decided to … Continue reading Exception Handlers