Weird Vista Registry Issue

I’m attempting to track down a very strange Windows Vista registry issue that hit me on two machines, that I’ve found mentioned in random various forum posts across the Internet, that has no known cause or solution, and which I cannot seem to reproduce in a VM though I’ve seen it happen on 2 machines across 4 Vista installs.  I’m hoping everyone that happens to read this post will take a few minutes to check the following and contact me or leave a comment: Run regedit.exe, everybody’s favorite Registry Editor. At the root node of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, right-click and select Permissions … Continue reading Weird Vista Registry Issue

x64 Development with .NET

Earlier this year I made the switch to a 64-bit operating system – Vista Ultimate x64 to be exact.  For the most part, this process has been relatively painless process, but there have been a few hiccups along the way (x64 compatible drivers, mainly, but that’s not the point of this discussion). In the world of x64 development, there have been a few struggling points that I thought I’d outline here.  This list will likely grow, so expect future posts on the matter. In the wonderful world of .NET development, applications and assemblies can be compiled to target various platforms.  … Continue reading x64 Development with .NET

Now Running Community Server 2007.1

After a moderate amount of pain, I have finally updated the site to Community Server 2007.1.  I think everything is working.  I’m likely wrong.  Therefore if anyone sees anything that is not working, broken layouts, broken links, etc. PLEASE contact me and let me know so that I may correct it. One noteworthy item:  The new official URL for the blog is .  The main site will 301 redirect you here.  The old /blogs address should also 301 you here as well.  If you’re seeing any weirdness there, again, please contact me. Thanks!