Minor WiimoteLib Update

I have updated the Managed Wiimote Library on CodePlex to version 1.2.1 by adding support for IR3 and IR4.  Johnny Chung Lee added these to an older version of my library, and I’ve received a ton of questions about it, so the two additional IR sources are now officially supported. I have plenty more in the pipeline, so expect a much bigger release soon.

Yet Even More .NET-based Wiimote Applications

In the past couple of weeks, several very interesting projects using my Managed Library for Nintendo’s Wiimote have appeared. First off, Johnny Chung Lee has created some amazing and unique user interface demos with the library which can be found at his site.  Here are a few videos showing off what he’s done: Wiimote Whiteboard Head Tracking Display   Cynergy Labs has used the library in conjunction with WPF and some of Johnny’s ideas to create a Minority Report-style interface with some Microsoft Surface style effects: Incredible stuff.  I’d also like to toot my own horn and state that, at … Continue reading Yet Even More .NET-based Wiimote Applications