WiimoteLib and BSOD – Part 2

Well, after a few survey responses and posts to my forum, it appears that everyone experiencing the BSOD issue with WiimoteLib is running the BlueSoleil stack.  I was also pointed to the following links on www.wiimoteproject.org with others having the problem and apparently BlueSoleil is aware of the issue. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 So, I guess the only solution now is to wait for BlueSoleil to issue a patch and fix the problem on their end.  If/when I get any news on this (or if someone notifies me if I miss it), I’ll be sure to post the … Continue reading WiimoteLib and BSOD – Part 2

WiimoteLib and BSOD

I’m getting quite a few emails of late with people getting BSODs when using WiimoteLib.  It appears most, if not everyone, experiencing this problem is using BlueSoleil.  That said, I’m still unsure what is happening, when it started happening, or what the resolution is.  Therefore, I’ve put together a short survey that I’m hoping anyone experiencing the issue will take the time to fill out that might help me determine what the root cause is. I’m looking for answers from people who are specifically having an issue where using WiimoteLib or an application using WiimoteLib is causing their computer to … Continue reading WiimoteLib and BSOD

Windows Mobile Devices and Power States

I’ve been doing some Windows Mobile development with the .NET Compact Framework recently and ran into a scenario where I needed the device to be in “full power” mode at all times with the back-light on.  The device is constantly powered, so battery life is not a concern. The obvious choice is to go into the Brightness and Power control panels and turn off the appropriate settings, but I learned that there is a way to handle this at an application level so the behavior only occurs while the application is running. Power State An application can force a specific … Continue reading Windows Mobile Devices and Power States