Coding4Fun Book News and Preview

I received my first copy of the book on Friday afternoon and it looks great!  It is now also listed as “In Stock” on Amazon.  Additionally, there is now a Google Preview of the book If you’d like to see a preview of the book, you can do so by clicking the Google Preview link below, or navigating directly to the Google Book Search page for this book. I can’t think of a better holiday gift for the geek in your family than this.  But, I may be a bit biased… GBS_insertPreviewButtonPopup(‘ISBN:9780596520748’);

Head Banger Is Now Available on Xbox LIVE Community Games

Several friends and I work together to write “indie” video games under the brand Ganksoft Entertainment.  You may recall that for Maker Faire 2007, we created a very simple rhythm-based music game (think Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution) using XNA called Head Banger. With Microsoft’s official release of Xbox LIVE Community Games with the New Xbox Experience, we decided to blow the dust off of Head Banger, add a couple songs, integrate it bit more with Community Games and XNA 3.0 and release it.  It is now available for purchase for 200 Microsoft Points (or, as with all Arcade … Continue reading Head Banger Is Now Available on Xbox LIVE Community Games

Animated Musical Holiday Lights at TVUG

I’ll be presenting a session on building your own holiday musical light show using Phidget boards and .NET at this month’s Tech Valley User Group.  I’ve previously written an article about this topic on the Coding4Fun site, and there will be a full chapter on this in our upcoming “Coding4Fun: 10 .NET Programming Projects for Wiimote, YouTube, World of Warcraft, and More” book.  Here are the session details… Abstract: This month, learn how to build an animated light show set to music, much like the famous holiday light show videos you may have seen on YouTube.  This session will cover … Continue reading Animated Musical Holiday Lights at TVUG

WiiEarthVR Article and Source Code Posted

I previously talked about my WiiEarthVR project shown at PDC project, and now I have posted the article for the application up at the Coding4Fun site.  Full source code is available.  You’ll need some hardware to make this go, namely a Wiimote, Nunchuk, Wii Fit Balance Board and a pair of Vuzix VR920 glasses, but the hardware can be toggled on or off depending on your own setup.  The VR920 glasses are pretty cool in that they also work with a variety of FPS games on your PC with a custom driver they include. The article will, among other things, … Continue reading WiiEarthVR Article and Source Code Posted

WiimoteLib v1.6 Released

A new version of my managed Wiimote library for .NET has been released.  You can find version 1.6 up at CodePlex now.  The changes are as follows: v1.6.0.0 Added "center of gravity" calculation to the Wii Fit Balance Board (thanks to SJB) Structs are now marked [Serializable] (suggested by Caio) Battery property is now a float containing the calculated percentage of battery remaining BatteryRaw is the byte value that used to be stored in the Battery property WiimoteTest app now reads extensions properly when inserted at startup Exposed HID device path in new HIDDevicePath property on Wiimote object Changed the … Continue reading WiimoteLib v1.6 Released

We Have a Cover!

We finally have an official cover!  This is likely exciting to no one but me (and Dan)… Dan and I are working on the very final round of edits and formatting.  The book goes to the printer next week and it should be available the first week of December according to Amazon.  So what are you waiting for?  Order now!  🙂 And be sure to visit our book’s website.  The chapter items will be filled in as we near the official release so you can get a head start on the book’s content.

This Week On Channel 9

While at PDC2008 we shot an episode of This Week on Channel 9.  If you feel the need to waste 13 minutes of your life on a PDC recap with me, Dan Fernandez, Scott Hanselman and Clint Rutkas, then this is the video for you.  I have embedded the video below, but you can also click through to the main page to watch or download the video in a variety of formats. This Week on C9: PDC recap and Halloween with Scott Hanselman, Clint Rutkas, and Brian Peek