WiimoteLib v1.6 Released

image A new version of my managed Wiimote library for .NET has been released.  You can find version 1.6 up at CodePlex now.  The changes are as follows:


  • Added "center of gravity" calculation to the Wii Fit Balance Board (thanks to SJB)
  • Structs are now marked [Serializable] (suggested by Caio)
  • Battery property is now a float containing the calculated percentage of battery remaining
  • BatteryRaw is the byte value that used to be stored in the Battery property
  • WiimoteTest app now reads extensions properly when inserted at startup
  • Exposed HID device path in new HIDDevicePath property on Wiimote object
  • Changed the time delay on writes to 50ms from 100ms…this should improve responsiveness of setting LEDs and rumble

I feel like I’m running out of things to implement and bugs to fix.  I know that’s not true.  So, I want to hear from the people using my library…

What features/bugs do you want to see added/fixed?  Please leave a comment here or contact me directly so I can create a master list.  Thanks!

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