Head Banger Is Now Available on Xbox LIVE Community Games

Several friends and I work together to write “indie” video games under the brand Ganksoft Entertainment.  You may recall that for Maker Faire 2007, we created a very simple rhythm-based music game (think Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution) using XNA called Head Banger. With Microsoft’s official release of Xbox LIVE Community Games with the New Xbox Experience, we decided to blow the dust off of Head Banger, add a couple songs, integrate it bit more with Community Games and XNA 3.0 and release it.  It is now available for purchase for 200 Microsoft Points (or, as with all Arcade … Continue reading Head Banger Is Now Available on Xbox LIVE Community Games

Coding4Fun Book Chapter Teaser for PDC

At PDC2008 we have been giving away printouts of our first chapter and table of contents for our new book, “Coding4Fun: 10 .NET Programming Projects for Wiimote, YouTube, World of Warcraft, and More” to anyone who drops by the Coding4Fun area.  We ran out of copies early today, so for those of you at PDC (and anyone else for that matter) that’s interested in taking a look at the (not really properly formatted in all places) first chapter of the book in PDF format, you can do so by visiting http://oreilly.com/go/mspdc .  This chapter covers how to build a simple … Continue reading Coding4Fun Book Chapter Teaser for PDC

VSLive NY Sessions Posted

Thanks to everyone that attended my VSLive NY session.  I hope it was informative.  I have posted the slide-decks and source code for both of my sessions so you can tinker with the projects on your own. Creating a Simple 2D Game Using XNA Game Studio to Run on a PC, Xbox 360, or Microsoft Zune Interfacing External Hardware Using Managed Code Questions and comments welcome, as always.  Thanks!

Coding4Fun Book News

Now that we have finished writing the book, we finally have an official title and chapter listing.  Someday we may even have a cover. The title has morphed into Coding4Fun: 10 .NET Programming Projects for Wiimote, YouTube, World of Warcraft, and More and the final chapter listing (not necessarily in this order) is: Alien Attack: Create a 2D clone of Space Invaders with XNA for the PC, Xbox 360, and Zune LEGO Soldier: Create an action game using Popfly with a custom-built virtual LEGO character World of Warcraft RSS Feed Reader: Use WoW’s customizable interface to have feeds pop up … Continue reading Coding4Fun Book News

VSLive! New York

I have been chosen to present two sessions at VSLive! New York this September.  Here are the abstracts: Date/Time: Wednesday, September 10th at 3:15pm Title: Creating a Simple 2D Game Using XNA Game Studio to Run on a PC, Xbox 360 or Microsoft Zune Description: This session will demonstrate how to build a very simple 2D game engine and game using the latest version of XNA Game Studio. Attendees will learn how to effectively use the content pipeline, import 2D sprites into XNA, manage input from the keyboard, mouse, Xbox 360 controller and Zune, manage game state, and debug the … Continue reading VSLive! New York

Head Banger

Back in May, I posted about my involvement in Maker Faire 2007.  For one of my projects, myself and several friends, collectively known as Ganksoft Entertainment, created a game from scratch using the Microsoft XNA Framework and Game Studio Express called Head Banger.  It’s a rhythm-based music game in the vein of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and Guitar Hero.  If you are a fan of either game, or the genre in general, you’ll likely enjoy what we’ve created.  I have posted the game up to our website in both Windows and Xbox 360 flavors.  Sometime soon I will be writing an article that will appear on Coding4Fun on … Continue reading Head Banger

XNA Timing Bug

While working on my game for Maker Faire (which you’ll be able to download in about a month), I came across a timing bug on the Xbox 360 using XNA.  For an application that requires very accurate timing (millisecond precision), one can use the StopWatch object in .NET 2.0.  This was working quite well in my PC build, but on the Xbox 360 build, I would notice that time would drift with no explanation.  After digging around for a couple days and writing a simple sample to prove the point, I determined that the time value returned by the StopWatch object … Continue reading XNA Timing Bug

Maker Faire 2007

I will be attending this year’s Maker Faire with the Coding4Fun gang.  We will have a variety of spiffy projects to play around with, including two I have done:  several “Wiimote-controlled” cars using my Managed Wiimote Library and Microsoft Robotics Studio, and a game written with my Ganksoft Entertainment cronies using Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio Express.  So if you’re in the San Mateo area, stop by May 19th and 20th and have a gander.  At only $15 for admission, there’s plenty to see and do… More details at (also linked above): http://blogs.msdn.com/coding4fun/pages/MakerFaire2007.aspx http://www.makerfaire.com/ Share this post: email it! | bookmark it! | digg … Continue reading Maker Faire 2007

XNA and 3D Model Exporting

Here’s an important safety tip that I wish I knew before the 4 hours I wasted on figuring it out. When building a model in 3D Studio Max (or likely every other modeling package in the universe), and then exporting it to a DirectX .X file via the Pandasoft X file exporter or kilowatt X file exporter plugins, ensure that the model has no meshes named with a space or period (or likely other characters).  This will cause the XNA importer and DirectX Viewer (or likely every other .X file importer in the universe) to fail with a very informative error like “Parser … Continue reading XNA and 3D Model Exporting