Install the Surface SDK on Windows 7 and/or x64

The Microsoft Surface SDK was given out to some folks at PDC 2008.  I know SDK is not out to the masses yet, however one of the questions/requests posted most frequently in the Surface forums is the ability to install the SDK on a 64-bit machine, and/or on Windows 7.  I’ve put together a quick guide that will show how to accomplish this.  But be warned…by doing this you are throwing away support from Microsoft.  This is an entirely unsupported setup and the Microsoft Surface folks won’t be able to help you.  So, if official support is important to you, … Continue reading Install the Surface SDK on Windows 7 and/or x64

64-bit Development Discussion on .NET Rocks

I did an episode of the .NET Rocks show last month which debuted today on the site.  Now, instead of only reading my idiotic ramblings, you can actually listen to my idiotic ramblings.  Lucky you! Anyway, the show is a discussion on 64-bit development with .NET and all the fun that comes with it.  Have a listen…