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How to See if Process is Running as Administrator (elevated) in Windows 10

Some legitimate applications require a full administrator access token (elevated) to perform their functions or tasks. For example, when a program that you are trying to run is giving you a Access Denied or No Permission type error.

The User Account Control (UAC) message is displayed to request consent or credentials to allow an application to use the full administrator access token in any of the following circumstances:

•The application developer marked the application to require an administrator access token. This is done by using a development technique known as an embedded manifest.
•UAC detected that the application is an installer or setup application. (Automatic detection can be disabled by using Group Policy.)
•Microsoft analyzed the application and provided an application compatibility shim. A shim is a small amount of extra code provided by Microsoft that supports certain non-Microsoft applications.
•An administrator configured the application compatibility settings on the application’s Program Properties page.
•An interactive user right-clicked the application and then clicked Run as administrator to start the application.

This tutorial will show you how to determine if an app or process is running as administrator (elevated) or not in Windows 10.

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