How to Add Money to Account of Family Child for Purchase & Spending in Windows Store

It’s easy to share your Windows 10 PC with family members. Add family members using Add a family member from your PC’s Settings, and they’ll be able to use that PC as well. And you’re always in control. You can allow or block them from using a PC at any time.

Add a child to your family to help them stay safer online. Adults in the family can view reports of kids’ online activity, limit how long and when they use their devices, and help make sure they don’t see inappropriate websites, apps, or games. Manage family settings online at, and changes will be applied to any Windows 10 device the child signs in to. You can also add adults to your family who will also be able to apply settings to children in the family.

Now kids can buy the stuff they want, but you know they’ll stay within the spending and content limits you set. Your child can buy the apps, games, and other great stuff they want from Windows and Xbox stores—but not spend too much!—put money in their Microsoft account and remove any other payment options.

•Add money to your kid’s account without giving them your credit card by going to their account.
•The Store will show browse results based on the app, game, and media limits you set.
•See your child’s recent purchases on their Purchase & spending page.

This tutorial will show you how to add money to a child’s account in your Microsoft Family so they can buy what they want from Windows and Xbox stores.

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