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How to Delete User Profile of an Account in Windows 10

When adding a new user account in Windows 10, a profile for the account is automatically created when the user signs in to the new account for the first time.

A user profile is a collection of settings that make the computer look and work the way you want it to for a user account. It is stored in the user’s C:\Users\ profile folder, and contains the account’s settings for desktop backgrounds, screen savers, pointer preferences, sound settings, and other features. User profiles ensure that your personal preferences are used whenever you sign in to Windows.

If a user’s profile becomes corrupted or you just want to reset it back to default, then you could delete the user’s profile to do so without having to delete the account. A new profile for the user’s account will automatically be created the next time that user signs in.

This tutorial will show you how to delete the profile of a user account to have a new profile created for the user without deleting their account in Windows 10.

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