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How to Change Cortana SafeSearch Setting in Windows 10

Cortana is your cloud-based personal assistant that works across your devices and other Microsoft services. Depending on the capabilities of your device and the version of Cortana you’re using, Cortana can provide a range of features, some of which are personalized. Cortana on Windows is available in certain regions and languages. If Cortana isn’t available for your Windows device, you can still search for files on your device in the search box on the taskbar. Cortana is also available on other platforms, such as Android and iOS, in select markets.

There is a SafeSearch section in Cortana settings that allows you to change your search filter levels to Strict, Moderate, or Off. This Cortana SafeSearch setting will override your Bing SafeSearch setting when viewing the Cortana web search results in your browser (ex: Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer).

This tutorial will show you how to change the Cortana SafeSearch filter setting for web search results for your account in Windows 10.

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