Allow or Deny Write Access to Fixed Data Drives not Protected by BitLocker in Windows

You can use BitLocker Drive Encryption to help protect your files on an entire drive. BitLocker can help block hackers from accessing the system files they rely on to discover your password, or from accessing your drive by physically removing it from your PC and installing it in a different one. You can still sign in to Windows and use your files as you normally would.

If you like, you can set a policy that configures whether BitLocker protection is required for a computer to be able to write data to fixed data drives. All fixed data drives that are not BitLocker-protected will be mounted as read-only. If the drive is protected by BitLocker, it will be mounted with read and write access.

This tutorial will show you how to allow or deny write access to fixed data drives not protected by BitLocker for all users in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

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