How to Turn On or Off Your Phone app Notification Banners in Windows 10 for Android Phone Messages

After you link your Android phone to your Windows 10 PC, you can use the Your Phone app on the PC to view and send text messages from your Android phone on your PC.

You will can only delete messages on your Android phone. The deletions show on the phone and in the Your Phone app on the PC. It’s not possible to delete messages directly on the PC.

To minimize network bandwidth and maximize performance, the Your Phone app only shows text messages that you’ve received or sent within the last 30 days.

The Your Phone app supports messages sent via SMS (Short Message Service). It also supports MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) group messaging, but does not yet support media attachments (such as photos or videos).

The Your Phone app does not support messages sent via RCS (Rich Communication Services). Some mobile operators refer to RCS as “push messages,” “chat features,” “advanced messaging,” or “RCS messages.”

If the Your Phone app detects that you’re already using Cortana to see text messages on your PC, it’ll give you the option to see them in the Your Phone app instead. Open the Your Phone app on your computer to go through the setup process. In Windows 10, the Cortana setting is called Get phone notifications on this PC.

Starting with Windows 10 build 18908, new messaging features below have been added.

  • Send and receive MMS messages – You can now send and receive images and GIFs, including Giphy, right from the Your Phone app.
  • Unread message indicator (badge)
    • Nav pane – A visual indicator on the Messages node, indicating you have unread messages
    • PC Taskbar – A visual indicator on the Your Phone app icon on your PC taskbar, indicating you have unread messages
    • Unread conversations – Visual indicator within threads that have unread messages
  • Contact images – Your Phone app will now sync contact thumbnails for all your contacts that contain profile images, so you can easily identify who you’re messaging with.
  • In-line reply – You can quickly reply to text messages from toast notifications without having to open the Your Phone app.
  • Emoji picker – Smileys, people, food, and more. You can easily add emojis to your text messages right from within the app.

This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off the Your Phone app showing notification banners in Windows 10 for your Android phone messages.

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