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How to Create Guest Mode Shortcut for Microsoft Edge Chromium

You can browse the web in Microsoft Edge in normal mode with different profiles, InPrivate browsing mode, and Guest mode.

InPrivate browsing is a private browsing mode in which no browsing history, download history, cookies and site data, and form fill data are remembered. Microsoft Edge saves downloaded files as well as any new favorites created while browsing InPrivate. By default, while browsing InPrivate, Microsoft does not collect any info about websites you visit for product improvement purposes. Your school, workplace, or internet service provider may still be able to see your browsing activity. Browsing data for the specific InPrivate session is cleared after all InPrivate windows are closed.

Guest mode is a temporary instance of a fresh profile. It allows you to browse on another user’s device without modifying the signed-in profile. Browsing data from Guest mode such as favorites, browsing history, passwords, and form fill data does not persist after you close all Guest mode windows. Downloaded files are stored on the device, but the history of the downloads is deleted. Guest mode allows you to browse the web without being signed into other sites automatically. Microsoft Edge does not send websites any info to indicate that the user is browsing in Guest mode. When you use Guest mode, permission to collect diagnostic data about how you use the browser and websites you visit is taken from the profile of Microsoft Edge from which the Guest mode session was launched. All browsing data for the specific Guest mode session is cleared after all Guest windows are closed.

This tutorial will show you how to create a shortcut that directly opens a Guest mode browsing window in the Chromium based Microsoft Edge.

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