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How to Add or Remove Extensions Button on Toolbar in Microsoft Edge

You can boost your productivity, have more fun, and customize your browsing experience with add-ons (extensions) for Microsoft Edge. Extensions, or add-ons, are simple tools that customize your browser experience and offer you more control.

Extensions are small applications that enhance the browser’s functionality. Once you install an extension, you can notice the extension icon appearing on the toolbar. If you have several extensions installed on your browser, these extension icons take up considerable space on your toolbar. Microsoft has received significant feedback from the users asking for the ability to manage these extensions and reclaim space on the toolbar.

To address this feedback, Microsoft is rolling out a new Extensions menu on the toolbar. This extension menu allows you to hide one or more of your extensions from the toolbar. Furthermore, you can directly visit the Edge add-ons site to install more extensions or the extensions management page using the two links provided in the menu.

The extensions button will be shown to you on the toolbar by default if you have one or more extensions installed on the browser.

This tutorial will show you how to add or remove the Extensions button on the toolbar in the Chromium based Microsoft Edge.

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