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How to Open Browser Task Manager in Microsoft Edge

When Microsoft Edge isn’t running as expected, you can open the Browser Task Manager to help understand how Microsoft Edge is using the resources on your device and when Microsoft Edge’s resource usage is unusually high so you can get back to what you want to get done.

The Microsoft Edge Browser Task Manager is a realtime monitor that tells you how much memory, CPU, network, and other resources a page is currently using. You can select one or more tabs, processes, and extensions, and click on End process to close them. This can be handy if you needed to close unresponsive tabs, processes, and extensions.

When the Browser Task Manager opens, you will see a list of all tabs, processes, and extensions currently running in Microsoft Edge. You can add and remove data columns in the Browser Task Manager, but the following are the default columns:

  • Memory = This shows how much system memory a tab or process is using in kilobytes.
  • CPU = This shows what percentage of your total CPU capacity (processing power) a tab or process is using.
  • Network = This shows the amount of network bandwidth in use by the tab or process in bytes or kilobytes per second. Tabs with open sites that stream media like video or music will use more.
  • Process ID = This shows the process ID of the tab or process, which is mostly useful for in-depth developer troubleshooting.

This tutorial will show you how to open the Browser Task Manager in Microsoft Edge.

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