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Boot to Advanced Startup (WinRE) in Windows 11

Advanced startup enables you to perform these actions:

  • Start recovery (aka: Windows RE or WinRE), troubleshooting, and diagnostic tools.
  • Boot from a disk (ex: USB or DVD) or device (UEFI only)
  • Access the PC’s UEFI firmware
  • Restore Windows from a system image
  • Choose default operating system to boot to on PC if multiple operating systems are installed

When you boot to advanced startup, all user sessions are signed off. If you select a Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) feature from this menu, the PC restarts into WinRE and the selected feature is launched.

The Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) is a companion operating system installed alongside Windows 11, typically in a separate partition, that can help with troubleshooting, recovery, or booting from external media, such as a USB stick.

This tutorial will show you how to boot to the advanced startup (WinRE) in Windows 11.

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