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Create Shortcuts to Open Pages in Settings in Windows 11

Microsoft designed Settings to be beautiful, easy to use and inclusive of all your Microsoft experiences in Windows 11. Settings has left-handed navigation that persists between pages, and Microsoft has added breadcrumbs as you navigate deeper into Settings to help you know where you are and not lose your place. Settings pages are also all new, with new hero controls at the top that highlight key information and frequently used settings for you to adjust as you need. These new hero controls span across several category pages like System, Bluetooth & devices, Network & Internet, Personalization, Accounts, and Windows Update. Microsoft also have added expandable boxes for pages with a lot of settings.

Almost every Settings page has its own URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) that allows you to directly open any Setting page from command line, Run (Win+R) dialog, address bar of File Explorer, address bar of web browser, and in scripts (ex: .bat). You can also use these URI commands to create shortcuts.

This tutorial will provide you with a list of ms-settings URI commands to directly open or create shortcuts for any Settings page in Windows 11.

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