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Change Windows Insider Program Channel in Windows 11

Flighting is the process of running Windows Insider Preview Builds on your device. When you run these early versions of Windows and give Microsoft feedback, you can help Microsoft shape the future of Windows. Once you’ve registered for the Windows Insider Program, you can run Insider Preview builds on as many devices as you want, each in the channel of your choice.

If you’ve installed an Insider Preview build in the Beta Channel or Release Preview Channel, switching between channels is easy. But if you’ve installed a build in the Dev Channel, because it’s not tied to a specific release, it will depend on your current build and the current flighting build in the channel you want to switch to, as to what steps you will need to perform.

Occasionally it may become possible to switch a device from the Dev Channel to another channel. To determine which process is needed to switch from the Dev Channel, you first need to find your current build number and compare it to the current build number in the channel you wish to switch to.

After you’ve set up your device and installed your first Insider Preview build, you’ll start getting updates based on the channel experience you picked. With each new update, you’ll see a new build number, and that number can help you understand what you’ll see in the build.

This tutorial will show you how to change your Windows Insider Program channel to the Dev Channel or Beta Channel to get Insider preview builds of Windows 11 on your PC.

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