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Enable or Disable Developer Mode in Windows 11

If you are using your computer for ordinary day-to-day activities such as games, web browsing, email or Office apps, you do not need to activate Developer Mode and in fact, you shouldn’t activate it.

However, if you are a developer writing software with Visual Studio on a computer for first time, you will need to enable Developer Mode on both the development PC, and on any devices you’ll use to test your code.

Developer Mode allows you to install apps from any source, including loose files.

Developer Mode replaces the Windows 8.1 requirements for a developer license. In addition to sideloading, the Developer Mode setting enables debugging and additional deployment options. This includes starting an SSH service to allow this device to be deployed to. In order to stop this service, you have to disable Developer Mode.

When you enable Developer Mode on desktop, a package of features is installed that includes:

  • Windows Device Portal. Device Portal is enabled and firewall rules are configured for it only when the Device Portal option is turned on.
  • Installs, and configures firewall rules for SSH services that allow remote installation of apps. Enabling Device Discovery will turn on the SSH server.

This tutorial will show you how to enable or disable Developer Mode in Windows 11.

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