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Change Accent Color in Windows 11

Windows 11 gives you the option to personalize the color and accent color of a variety of surfaces you see when you use Windows.

You can personalize the colors that appear in Windows and your apps by setting the mode to Dark, Light, or Custom.

The Dark mode has a darker set of colors and is designed to work well in a low-lit environment.

The Light mode setting has a lighter color scheme across the Start menu, taskbar, Quick Settings, and notification center. It works well during daylight hours. If you choose the Light mode, you’ll be able to show an accent color for window title bars and borders. You won’t have the option to personalize the color of the Start menu and taskbar (that option is only available for Dark and Custom modes).

The Custom mode gives you more options somewhere in between light and dark. You can choose an accent color or have Windows select one (the accent color will provide a contrast with or match your wallpaper and Windows color). You can also show an accent color for window title bars (the horizontal bar at the top of a window) and borders. Play around with the colors and modes to see which ones work best for you.

You can select to let Windows automatically select an accent color from your background, or choose your own custom accent color.

This tutorial will show you how to change the accent color used on a variety of surfaces in Windows 11 for your account.

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