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Add or Remove Microsoft Teams Icon on Taskbar Corner in Windows 11

Microsoft started rolling out Chat from Microsoft Teams to Windows 11 build 22000.100.

This includes a new Chat flyout right off the taskbar as well as an overall Teams desktop experience architected for optimized performance and the Windows 11 design language. You can remain connected to the people you care about with chats and video calls from the convenience of your Windows 11 PC, while they can participate from any device with Microsoft Teams: desktop, mobile, or even just a web browser.

With Chat from Microsoft Teams, you can connect to friends and family from your PC regardless of what computer or phone or tablet they are using—iOS, Android, PC or Mac. Built right into the Windows taskbar, you can use Microsoft Teams to connect for free via video and phone calls or chat—no need to look at your phone.

You’ll be able to sign in, add contacts, and connect via individual and group chats.

When you want to reach out to someone, it’s as simple as clicking the Chat icon (Win+C) in the Taskbar. At a glance, you’ll see your most recent individual and group conversations and be able to respond or start a new chat or call. Just like the Start menu, you can pop open Chat at any time – it doesn’t matter what other windows you have up – to kick off a communication and it will then dismiss. You can open the full windowed experience by clicking “Open Microsoft Teams” from the Chat flyout or launching it directly from the Start menu or Search.

Starting with Windows 11 build 22000.132, Chat from Microsoft Teams is now available. Microsoft is also excited to begin rolling out one-to-one and group audio and video calling, with many of the features that you’ve come to expect. You can create and join meetings. You can toggle your microphone and camera on or off and choose your preferred speakers, mic, and camera with device settings. You can manage meeting information and options. You can share your screen, see the roster of participants, admit meeting participants from the lobby, chat and see people’s video in a gallery view. Microsoft is excited to bring this experience to a growing network of people!

Starting on October 5th, all Windows 11 users can start using Chat from Microsoft Teams on Windows. It is a signature, lightweight experience brought right to the Taskbar to let Teams personal account users quickly start a video call or chat with friends and family. Chat from Microsoft Teams is installed and pinned to the Taskbar at Windows 11 startup. Windows 11 also includes the full Teams app experience for personal accounts, which powers Chat.

When Chat from Microsoft Teams or the Microsoft Teams app from the Start menu has been opened, the Microsoft Teams icon will show on the taskbar corner by default.

Microsoft Teams is set to run at startup by default in Windows 11 causing the the Microsoft Teams icon to show on the taskbar corner by default.

This tutorial will show you how to add or remove the Microsoft Teams icon on the taskbar corner for your account in Windows 11.

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