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Turn On or Off Auto Start Voice Access after Sign in to Windows 11

Voice access is a new experience starting with Windows 11 build 22518 that enables everyone, including people with mobility disabilities, to control their PC and author text using their voice. For example, voice access supports scenarios like opening and switching between apps, browsing the web, and reading and authoring mail. Voice access leverages modern, on-device speech recognition to accurately recognize speech and is supported without an internet connection. Voice access supports English-U.S. language only, so the Windows display language should be set to English-U.S., otherwise voice access may not work as expected.

Voice access includes an interactive guide that explains how to complete common tasks using your voice.

In addition to the interactive guide, you can access a complete list of commands by asking “what can I say?” when voice access is listening. You can also access the complete set of voice access commands here.

You can choose to auto start voice access the next time you sign-in to your PC in settings. You can also use voice commands or keyboard shortcuts (Alt + Shift + C and Alt + Shift + B) to control whether voice access is listening or not listening.

Voice access gives real-time feedback of what voice access heard so that you know which word was not recognized correctly.

You can navigate and interact with Windows, including opening and switching applications using your voice. You can also emulate your standard inputs like keyboard and mouse via voice.

This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off automatically start voice access after sign in for your account in Windows 11.

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